The Community

Mother of Peace Community (MOPC) Zimbabwe was established in 1994 in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe which left many children orphaned and some infected with HIV themselves. Economic instability in the country also created considerable hardship for families resulting in children being abandoned. MOPC cares for these orphans and vulnerable children by giving them a home in the orphanage. Here children receive shelter, education and healthcare and are brought up in the security of a loving Christian, family atmosphere.
Mother Teresa House at MOPC.

MOPC was founded on the precepts and faith of the Catholic Church, but opens its arms to all, regardless of colour or creed.

Mother of Peace Community is situated 100 miles east of Harare, towards the border with Mozambique. There is a fairly good tar road until you reach the town of Mutoko. A further three miles on a rutted dirt road lead you through the bush and past Mutemwa leprosy centre and you finally arrive at the orphanage. The countryside becomes increasingly less fertile away from Harare due to low local rainfall and the landscape changes to one of rocky, boulder strewn mountains. This is a beautiful and awesome place for children to grow up but it is also quite isolated for them.

However, MOPC is more than just an orphanage. It is also a community with its own farm, primary school, clinic and chapel.

The on-site clinic is staffed by trained nurses and visiting doctors. It provides healthcare for the children and workers at MOPC and for the local rural community, including maternity care.

MOPC Clinic Nursing Team.

The younger children attend MOPC’s newly built Divine Child primary school which is also open to children from the local community. After this they attend local secondary schools which for most requires a 4 mile walk each way every day.

Primary school fees are currently $US 45 (£36) per annum per child.

Secondary school fees are currently $US 144 – 153 (£115- 122) per annum per child.

For one child with profound hearing loss at a boarding school with a special unit to meet his needs the fees are $ US 391 (£310) per term.

This mounts up to a huge sum every year. Mother of Peace Community UK is committed to funding the school fees because we know that education is the only way to a sustainable future for these vulnerable children.

But we need your help to be able to pay the children’s school fees. Please click the Donate Now button or go to Ways to Help.


An MOPC worker milking one of the cows.

The farm and other projects enable MOPC to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency. The farm aims to feed the community and generate income with crops such as maize, groundnuts and vegetables and livestock such as chickens, goats and cattle. It also provides farming experience and education for the children and employment for local people.

Such efforts to achieve self-reliance, however, are not enough to clothe and feed all the children and provide them with the education that their future depends upon.

Your help is urgently needed. Click the Donate Now button or go to Ways to Help page.

You can supply a child with an egg a day for three years by donating £10 to Mother of Peace Community UK.


MOPC UK needs to raise at least £15,000 every year to maintain its current level of financial support for Mother of Peace Community Zimbabwe.

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