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Established in 2004, MOPC UK provides funding for the MOPC orphanage in Mutoko area Zimbabwe. We are a small charity who welcome support from anyone who is interested in the welfare of the children at MOPC.
A UK member milking one of the herd.

The Objectives of MOPC UK are to raise funds from donations, covenants and fundraising activities to enable us to make regular grants to MOPC and to provide practical support for the Mother of Peace Community Zimbabwe through annual visits and delivery of donated goods.

MOPC UK has no employees and all work is undertaken by volunteers, predominantly at their own expense. Detailed information about MOPC UK can be found on the Charity Commission website.

The maintenance and hosting of this website is kindly provided at no cost.

Funds raised by MOPC UK are used at MOPC Zimbabwe in various ways:

  • Funds are ring-fenced for school fees
  • Other funds support all aspects of child welfare
  • Through MOPC UK some donors fund specific projects, such as Reintegration, Food supplies, Fees for child with hearing loss at school with specialist unit.
  • Grants for income generation projects

Letter from Tinashe, a former resident of Mother of Peace:

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Annual visit to MOPC Zimbabwe

UK Visitors in 2013.

Since 2012, members and trustees of MOPC UK have made an annual group visit to MOPC Zimbabwe during the children’s Easter school holidays. The main purpose of these visits is to provide a programme of activities for the children in partnership with members and employees of MOPC Zimbabwe. We also aim to support the community as a whole and we take lots of donated goods with us, including all the materials we need for the activities. The programme includes something for all the children’s ages and preferences, such as sports and mountain climbing, artwork and crafts, drama, games, reading, visits to local historical sites and the all important memory books.

Each child has a memory book which we started in 2012. Every year when we visit we take and print at least one photograph of each child for them to stick in their book and we encourage them to write or draw something about themselves. These books are the only record they have of their childhood and it is something they can take with them when they leave MOPC. We also take, print and give photographs of the employees and workers at MOPC which they cherish.

If you would like to get involved with MOPC UK go the Ways to Help page or contact us.


MOPC UK needs to raise at least £15,000 every year to maintain its current level of financial support for Mother of Peace Community Zimbabwe.

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